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Arusha Moshi Shuttle.

We book and reserve a seat(s) on your behalf to Shuttle Buses from Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha/Moshi, Tanzania.

Book your Luxury Coach- Bus from Nairobi to Ausha/Moshi


Nairobi - Arusha / Moshi Shuttle
Departure Time Arrival Time Days
Nariobi 0800hrs Arusha 1300hrs Daily
Nariobi 0800hrs Moshi 1730hrs Daily
Nariobi 1400hrs Arusha 1830hrs Daily
Arusha 0800hrs Nariobi 1330hrs Daily
Arusha 1400hrs Nariobi 1830hrs Daily
Arusha 1330hrs Moshi 1530hrs Daily
Moshi 1100hrs Arusha 1330hrs Daily
Moshi 1100hrs Nairobi 1830hrs Daily

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